Friday, January 4, 2013

My favorites of Doris Day:

1. Lover Come Back
2. Move Over Darling
7.  My Dream Is Yours

I feel like Jennifer Aniston is the new Doris Day. I don't think anyone has to be the new anyone, but after watching an episode of the Doris Day show I am convinced. 


m said...

I recently learned about Doris. she's great! thanks for the great selection of movies. now have to look for the holidays!))

RetroGran said...

I love Doris Day! I've only seen three of these films so Im going to have to check the others out. Thanks for the list!

Allie said...

Whenever I go to Carmel, CA, I'm always crossing my fingers that I'll run into her.

My personal favorite Doris Day film is Calamity Jane. A favorite since girlhood.