Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Scenes from The Brady Bunch

I love the color palette on this show.

This was Mike's pad from the 1st episode ^
Even Mike's office is colorful and pretty. or should I say 'groovy'?

This is probably not the coolest thing to admit, but I like this show... in very small doses. There's nothing heavy in Brady Land and I like that on a heavy day. I watched this when I was a kid (this was in the 90s not the 70s) and I thought their house was so hideous, but now of course I love it. Some of Carol's haircuts are unforgivable though. You know what I'm talking about. Alice reminds me so much of Ellen Degeneres. I'm actually slowly but surely going through every episode of this show.


MC said...

I like The Brady Bunch too, and I'm not ashamed. ;-) It was a staple of my summer TV watching as a kid in the '80s, and I still find it very relaxing when I catch an episode on TVLand. Your screencaps are so nice - they capture lots of lovely details and colors.

The exterior of Mike's office was actually the Beverly Hills Library, a super groovy mid-century modern building that's since been demolished -

W said...

Oh that's such cool looking building. I didn't notice the colors look like books on a shelf. Sad it's demolished. At first I thought it was a school.